2020 Beginner Beekeeping School

We had a fantastic turnout for our 2020 Beginner Beekeeping School! 

Thank you to each person who gave of their time, talents, and abilities to plan, set-up, register, promote, teach, and tear down.   You are appreciated!

December Officer Elections and Pot-Luck

Bring your holiday joy and join us on December 8th at noon at Lebanon Presbyterian Church for our club appetizer pot-luck.  There will also be a brief meeting for board officer election as our current vice president has served two terms and must step down.   Anyone interested in running for vice president, please let a member of the board know     




Honey Bee Nutrition

Thank you to Gary Keuffer for his presentation on Honey Bee Nutrition at our November meeting.  One of the best things about beekeeping is that there is always something new to learn.  We appreciate that Gary shared of his research and experience on the different parts of honey bee nutrition and how they work together to help the bees healthier. 

New Beekeeping Meetup

This week on Wed August 14th there is a new beekeeping meetup at
The Manufactory
12055 Mosteller Rd
Cincinnati OH 45241

Learn the basics of beekeeping from several of our members that started there own bee colonies using the resources of The Manufactory.  Starting with an idea, a growing group of members started from scratch to build hives and began the process of populating them.  They will share their journey through the fascinating lives of bees and how these humble workers of nature provide an invaluable service to agriculture while producing a sweet byproduct for our enjoyment.

This class is free to attend for all that are interested, we do ask that you register in advance.  We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Next meeting is on August 14th at 6pm. You must register at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp…

Plants and Pollinators

We’ve had two great months of speakers on the topics of pollinators and plants!  Thank you Joe and Greg for taking your time to come share with us!

Joe Boggs, an entomologist at The Ohio State University was our guest in July sharing how insects are keystone organisms and that diversity in plants and insects helps keep our ecosystem functioning without or with little chemical controls.

For August, Greg Torres from the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center presented on pollinators and native plants that benefit pollinators.  From early spring pussywillows to the fall asters and goldenrod, there are many native plants that can help support the honey bee.  He recommend Xerces Society as a great source of information. 

Observation Hive

John and Susanna Favaron installed bees in the observation hive at the Caesar Creek Nature Center!  Many more hands from our club and Erin and Jonas from the Nature Center have helped get the hive usable and running.  It is sure to spark conversations about the role of bees for pollination and honey production and just may inspire future beekeepers!  Be sure to stop by the Nature Center at Caesar Creek to check it out.